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What Is Hinnigan Postal Service?

Hinnigan Postal Service is a game currently in development by Gigatech Studios. You are a delivery driver on Hinnigan Island and your aim is to deliver as many packages as you can in a certain amount of time. If you deliver a high number of packages successfully, then you will gain experience and level up. Levelling up will allow you to unlock more valuable items to deliver which will make you more money and experience. As you go through the game you can unlock various new skills, allowing you to unlock new vehicles and vehicle upgrades which improves your package delivering capabilities.

Hinnigan Postal Service will be a multiplayer open world game, we are anticipating that we will have around 50 people per session at one time. However, over the course of developing the game we may be able to increase this capacity to around 70 to 90 per session. There will be in-game communication in the form of a voice chat and a local text chat communication. Currently the game is planned for only PC development and will be released on steam and itch.io.

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